The structure, born as private villa, in 1965, was transformed to hotel,keeping Unchanged the structural characteristics of a 800 villa. Surrounded by tropical plants, where the nature makes an unique and extraordinary atmosphere , The hotel is situated in the quiter and more suggestive area in forio, in a position of extraordinary beauty in the beautiful bay of San Francesco beach, far 150 mt from the sea and 1.200 mt from the centre of Forio.
According to an elegant and friendly habitat, you will find an enchanting place where the relax and the peaceful make a really oasis of peace. The word “ Bagattella” was inspired to a name of a French Princess that gave to a little garconnier (meeting of her lovers), during a love story of hers.
The Hotel Terme la Bagattella has two swimming-pools (one indoor and one outdoor), a Spa centre and a beauty farm, a restaurant and two bars. The structure has a wonderful park with special plants and flowers, all togheter offer an unique habitat of great relax.